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Travel enthusiast fond of cultural learning, I was born in Belgium and have had the opportunity to visit and live in various places of the world, before settling down in Peru recently. I started traveling in Europe in my earliest childhood, but it was only at the age of 20, during a university exchange program in Mexico, that I really grasped the beauty of the ‘travel and live abroad’ concept. It was my first time immersing in a language and a culture that are not mine. As regards professional career, I somehow followed a classic path : a business degree followed by several years of experience in finance… Which indeed gave me the financial means to explore Latin America for a while and settle in Chile. Latin America was my first travel love, but I was eager to discover Asia. So when I took (again) a year off, I went to Australia and then spent a year exploring Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal. Asia was THE journey, and helped me discovering a part of myself that had remained unexplored until then. So I started to dedicate myself to various spiritual practices which have improved my life dramatically. Fan of foreign languages (the key opening the doors of every single trip), I had the opportunity to teach English and French to Tibetan refugees in India. Also interested in sustainable development, I headed to the African continent and took part in a permaculture project consisting in planting trees in a deserted area of northern Kenya, where I had the great privilege of sharing the daily life of the Samburu tribes. No need to say that beforehand I took the necessary time to explore the southern part of the continent, for nearly 10 months, starting from South Africa!

After this beautiful overview, I chose to return to my first love and started teaching English in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. As the travel virus does not want to let me alone, I could not resist and went on several side trips; so I ventured to Bolivia, did many hikes in the beautiful Andes, practiced my Portuguese and discovered the Amazon in Brazil. Finally, over the last few months, I went back to my beloved Mexico, then Europe, and ended in the mythical Indian Ladakh (a travel dream for ages!), and in Nepal (definitely my favorite travel destination). Then I came back to Peru, but yes, I must admit it: I took advantage of the way back to explore Havana.

It’s been ages since I’ve wanted to write a blog and share my passion for travel, the beautiful cultures and exceptional places I’ve discovered over these 5 years of travel. And share tons of travel tips …

So now it’s about time to work on it! 🙂


At the summit of stock kangri – 6.153m (Ladakh, 2017)