A demanding but beautiful hike. We enjoy incredible views of the ‘Apus’ (the protective spirit of each mountain in Quechua) of the Vilcanota mountain range. We can observe several quarries on the way: all stones used to build the Inca temples of Ollantaytambo were extracted from here. After a strong ascent, we cross some old Inca buildings before reaching our goal: ‘Inti Punku’ (the sun gate). From this incredible place, we enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the entire Sacred Valley. The impressive Apu Wayna Wilka (also known as ‘Veronica’ – 5,800m) is right in front of us and the beautiful sacred valley is more than 1,100 m lower. We get some rest and have lunch with this amazing scenery. We will then get back to Ollantaytambo.

  • Practical information:

Duration: 10h (8h hiking time)
Departure time: 6h
Departure place: Urubamba
Distance: 16,30 km
Difficulty: Very difficult (4.5 / 5)
Minimum altitude: 2807m
Maximum altitude: 3895m
Total ascent: 1082m

  • Program

06:00 Departure from your hotel and transfer to the starting point of the hike
06:30 We start hiking and makes stops during our uphill climb to observe the quarries of the Inca
12:00 We reach Inti Punku. Rest and lunch!
13:00 We begin our descent back to Ollantaytambo
16:00 Transfer to the hotel and end of the tour (16:30).

  • Highlights:

 Inca quarries
One of the best views of the Sacred Valley with incredible mountain views

  • Included:

– Transfer from your hotel
– English-speaking guide
– Lunchbox
– Snack and water

⚠ Long and difficult walk!