Why traveling?

Why traveling?

Because traveling is a wonderful adventure, a true connection with other people and nature;

Because life itself is a journey, made of all kinds of learning, amazing encounters, beautiful discoveries and delightful smiles;

Because there are 1000 fabulous places that are worth seeing on our planet;

Because traveling around the world is above all an inner journey – a way to learn to know yourself better by going abroad and meeting other cultures, and an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone.

Because traveling is the best cure for the evils of our time: racism, fanaticism, misunderstanding, selfishness, depression, etc.

The purpose of this blog is sharing travel experiences, pictures and nice stories … talking about world cultures in an attempt to understand and respect them better… discovering stunning landscapes and raising awareness to stop destroying our mother earth … reviewing the best dishes of each continent, simply because we are food lovers… sharing trekking itineraries to keep fit… as well as practical information to invite you to get out of your comfort zone and start the journey of your life … And last but not least: a topic about the 1001st place, maybe the most important one, that is just inside each and every one of us and has the power to cause our happiness (or our misfortune): our inner self.

Enjoy your reading!

Photo Credits: Kevin De Wilde